joseph edward yonker - an entry into something of an exit (suram fortress, 2015)
it could be easy to overlook this tape in favor of joseph's melodic work with willamette, in collaboration with danny clay, or solo under his pasture moniker. but this tape is a necessary contrast to the sighing melodicism and nostalgic patina found in the aforementioned projects, offering instead a glimpse into a crunchy, ping-ponging post-industrial landscape. the sounds explored here are in the lineage of pioneering explorations in electronic sound art: musique concrète and electro-acoustic musics.  but the relative density and texture of the pieces' sounds: slapback-delayed crackling; coiled metal springs; and microphone feedback, and overall attitude bring to mind the freeform tape experiments of primitive industrial music.  nonetheless, an entry... offers a fresh perspective on these related yet aesthetically opposed styles by utilizing the restraint, discipline and sonic detail of the former, as well as the un-classical rawness and isolationist atmosphere of the latter movement.  the tape suggests the elusiveness and relativity of beauty as much as joseph's other endeavors, only from a different, more primal, perspective.

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