jeff carey - two fields (banned production, 2013)
the first time i listened to this tape, my walkman was running out of batteries while standing in an office max last week. even though listens 4-ish onward became increasingly faint and buried under crackling distortion, the first few flips blew my mind to bits.  this one hits somewhat harder than jeff's recent 3:30 disc which features more ambient passages and stereo-panned kick drums, but the present item still manages enough stuttering shards, dropouts, glitches, metallic textures, and bottomless bass bursts to remind the listener that, yeah, it is computer music.  as digital as jeff's music is, the distortion sounds great compressed on tape, and the short length (i think it's about a c15) is effective: repeated listens in one session are a must.  having seen jeff play this stuff live a couple times also provides a nice visual--although the guts of the program are buried in a laptop (jeff says he uses supercollider), the controllers are gaming pads and a joystick, which provide a necessary tactile/performance interface.  my friend brendan says this music sounds like acceleration.  i imagine hyperspeed flight through a series of metallic digital wormholes.  not for dudes only.

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