juice machine & regosphere - trace minerals (control valve/dumpsterscore, 2013)
very nice cdr (!) consisting of two improvised tracks for electronics and bowed metal.  juice machine is fascinating as always, (implausibly) sculpting pure, clinical electronic tones that nonetheless sound playful and resonant at once.  i have the impression that almost any sound is possible within the confines of their system at any given time.  the pacing is thoughtful, focused and meticulous at all times.  regosphere's contributions are a nice foil, adding somewhat of a retro-kosmiche vibe of pulses, arpeggios and filter sweeps, but without feeling heavy handed as much throwback 70s synth music does--a great example of making forward-thinking music with old gear/tropes.  i had to turn down the music at one point to see if the bird sounds i was hearing were part of the disc (they weren't).

being - calming homeostasis (self-release, 2013)
perfectly short and utterly gutteral blast of harsh noise from dayton.  it's completely focused and visceral in a way i imagine only someone with years of experience seems likely to pull off--only the dear essentials are present: screeching feedback, harsh bottom end rumble, crackling mid-high frequencies.  as for distortion tone, to my ears it has an "overdrive" sound rather than the metallic, scooped out mid EQ sound that some harsh noise has (which is also a nice flavor).  even so, it doesn't feel nasty on the ears.  au contraire.  hot!

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